Thursday, February 21, 2013

Human Rights of Criminals

It seems to me that there are more and more crimes as time goes. However, the punishments for criminals seem to be less and less harsher as time goes. In the past, In these days, many countries are becoming more reluctant to give murderers a death sentence. If you looked at the Code of Hammurabi, you would easily find out that most of the crimes were directly related to death. For example, Hammurabi code number 22 says "If any one is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death."

I think the Code of Hammurabi was too much harsh. However, In these days, the laws seem to be too lenient. Yes, now is the time period of equity and freedom, but leniency will definitely cause undesirable result in the end. In my opinion, criminals should get punishments that are equal to their crimes. If too lenient to those criminals, there will be more crimes for sure. In other words, possible criminals will not fear of the following punishment after they crime.

There is a great example for this.

On the first day of April in 2012, twenty-years old woman was abducted and found out as a dead body in Suwon, one of the cities in South Korea. The crime scene was surprisingly disgusting. The body of women was disassembled into more than 300 pieces.

The name of the murderer is Wu Yuanchun, who is Korean-Chinese. South Korean government welcomed Korean-chinese in South Korea, because we considered them as Koreans. However, South Korean goverment will no longer consider them as Koreans but only people from a foreign country.

At first, the crime seemed to be done just as rape and murder. However, as investigators investigate, they found out many incoherent things. Finally, they suspected him of involving in black-market organ sales. According to the investigation, illegal organ sales is prospering in China, and possibly Wu Yuanchun murdered that woman for her organs.

Prior to her death, several people had disappeared in the area where Mr. Wu lived. Finally Wu Yuanchun was arrested and sentenced first to death. However, the sentence was reduced later to life sentence.

After hearing this news, many people became indignant. They wanted him to death sentence. I also think he should get death sentence, if he did murder with a bad intention. Yes, one could kill another accidentally. If it is just an accident, I do not think the killer should be put to death. However, if it is a murder with unforgivable intention, it is correct to put him to death. Of course, human rights is need to be kept; however, if one does not do his or her own duty, it would be hard to keep.

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