Friday, February 8, 2013

Lack of Water and Sanitation in Thailand for Poor People

Access to proper water supply and sanitation is a basic human rights which is one of basic human need. Without proper water supply, one just cannot survive. Surprisingly, this is a rising issue in Thailand which is not a third world country. Normally when people talk about lack of water and sanitation, they automatically assume it is a problem in third world countries. However it is a big problem in Thailand according to this news article published by UN. Right to water supply and sanitation is not specifically outlined in the Universal Declaration of Independence but it is somewhat included in the Right to Life portion of the Declaration. But the question of who is responsible and why do they deserve it is always pending to be answered. People pay water and utilities bill to pay for the basic services they receive and it is normally provided by the country. What if the country itself is not wealthy enough to provide the basic need to people that cannot pay for such services? Is it still the governments' responsibility? I think it is a tough question to ask. There will always be two sides to such debate: A view from a human rights experts and also that of economists. Nothing comes for free, yet the Human Rights are the objectives that must come at no cost but the nation that they belong to might not be able to provide such luxury. Then, who's responsibility is it? I would say the country still bare's the responsibility but also the people of Thailand should step up and gather up the cost to build the infrastructure to develop those necessary services.

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