Friday, February 22, 2013

US Immigration Reform

This article from Yahoo News highlights President Obama's proposed legislation to overhaul the U.S. immigration system. The President is proposing giving an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Senate majority leader Harry Reid was asked if he believed that the proposal could pass in both the Democrat-led Senate and Republican-led House of Representatives. "It has to get done," was Reid's response. Upon reading this article, there were a few issues that came to mind with this new pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants inside of the United States. What does this adopted new policy say to immigrants who legally paid and went through the long process to become a citizen? I can see how this new proposal undermines the current hispanic-american people that went through the current citizenship process. Also, what are some of the implications of this new 8 year step to citizenship for current illegals? This sounds very much like a reward to the 11 million illegal immigrants who broke the boundaries of current U.S. law. I feel that Congress needs to clarify what illegals are eligible for this citizenship program and they need to set forth objectives and requirements that will lower the eligible illegal immigrants that have a path to citizenship. Washington needs to take into account the costs that the United States will incur with this new program. Allowing 11 million people access to citizenship will tighten an already poor job market for young Americans, pose risks to current American citizens, and cost the government millions of taxpayer dollars. After taking all of this into account, there must be certain requirements that limit the amount of illegals that are eligible for citizenship. Limitations on the amount of current illegal immigrants eligible for citizenship will lead to a higher number of available jobs for current young Americans, an overall better job market, and fewer risks and costs to current U.S. citizens. 

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