Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rumors of North Korean Cannibalism, How should "we" help?

Asia Press reported that a man has been executed after he committed murdering his two children for food. Asia Press published the report in the Sunday Times.

The inhumane act arose much public discussion on North Korean human rights.

The rumors of cannibalism happened in the tyranny state is being circulating throughout the world. 

For a long time since the current North Korean government was built in 1950’s, “the world” criticized North Korean government for violation of human rights.

Shortage of food and sweated labor in the state is the dilemma that caused the barbaric violation.

I have a question that I want to ask you and also myself.
Have “you” ever been considering North Korean human rights issue as “your” problem that you need to solve?

Many countries of the world say “we” need to help and “we” will help. 

Yes, “we” helped North Korea by material supports such as shipping them foods and cloths.

But, did “you” help the people? 
If someone asks me the same question to me, I cannot say “Yes” because I believed South Korean government did support North Korea for a long time on behalf of the South Korean citizens. 

Honestly, I had lack of sincerity for the human rights conditions in North Korea, “our” neighbor.

Financial and material aid may support the livelihood. But what “we” need to give North Korea is moral support. 

The world has been claimed that they helped North Korea, but the recipient of the support did not satisfy the aids and they stirred up instability of peace in the world.

If WE take the human rights issue in North Korea seriously and if WE worry about our North Korean neighbors’ future, let’s trust them and support them to stabilize their lives.
Further military or financial threat to the nation may occur the tragedy.

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