Friday, February 22, 2013

Serious Human right Abuse and Conflict in Burma

    In the video clip, it discusses human right abuse in Burma. Senior UN official Tomas Ojea Quintana visited the country for five days and said the Burmese military was still using arbitrary arrests and torture in its conflict with Kachin rebels. This situation in the country is serious. The government is restricting people for their safety. I think this has both right and wrong things at the same time. The government is actually trying to protect people, but at the same time they take away the human rights. The condition of refugee camp is very poor and restricted the area where people can go.
    Also, according to the report, there are continuing ethnic violence in Rakhine state. The tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are still in refugee camps eight months after fighting with Buddhist rivals ended. Personally, I really don’t understand why people fight against others with different belief. I know that Burma has many different ethnic groups within the country. Maybe it is because the situation in Burma is little unusual for me. As a Korean, there are not many ethnic groups, I believe there is only one, and even there aren’t many foreigners. There were many religious groups, and sometimes they fight via their different beliefs, but never kill each other. They respect each other. However in Burma, They kill each other for different beliefs. This is unforgivable. I think the only solution would be changing Burman people’s deep thoughts. The UN may fight to stop the whole civil war. But then they have to choose a side and help them. This is also not right. So, the UN has to help educating children who can think peaceful mind without anger and revenge.

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