Friday, February 8, 2013

Death Penalty in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Appointment of new hangman raises spectre of imminent executions
Throughout the world, there are numerous ways of punishments according to which countries, ethnic groups and cultures the society has. As it got to modern society, through human rights activities of people, the death penalty started to disappear throughout the world. The gist of this activity is that even the criminals have right for their lives and they have the rights to not die cruelly on the electronic chair or hung. Most of the developed countries, where the human rights for people are vividly settled and cared among people, this death penalty has completely disappeared, but for some unforgivable criminal. 
The article deal with Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in the world, may restart such execution of death penalty, which it has stopped for 7 years. According to the reports by Zimbabwe, new hangman has been recruited, and this violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As hanging has been recognized as inhuman, degrading form of punishment, many people have raised their fears about such decision that Zimbabwe is going to make.
It’s been announced that Zimbabwe had set some limitations on prisoners to be punished with death. Men and women under 21, and over 70s will not be sentenced to death. Also, death penalty will not be given to those with less cruel crime. However, the international human rights associations, including Amnesty International, are campaigning for complete abolition of such death penalty.
Death penalty is one kind of the punishment that has been existed throughout the history. By sentencing death to criminals, people in society would rather not commit additional crime, to avoid such punishment. As nowadays, people united together and declared that such punishment is inhuman behavior to do. Most of the countries signed in such constitutions, had abolished it. However, in undeveloped or developing countries, they have less stable police, so that they have more crimes compared to other developed countries. In order to, stop such crimes; they might need determined punishment such as death penalty. Also, unlike most of the developed countries, there is no vivid religion or cultural background which would define death penalty as inhuman behavior. In order to completely abolish death penalty or anything that’s related to human rights, the whole world should unite together and agree with each other.


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