Friday, February 8, 2013

Child Sex Abuse in India

 There are few things in life that are as beautiful and pure as a child’s innocence.  In those early years of their existence, kids are just learning to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong which will later define them in their life.  Sexual abuse can be catastrophic to the growth of a youth.  In this article, sex abuse of children, especially at-risk children, is an increasing issue in India.  Even worse, they seem to be doing very little about it.  Instead of being sensitive and understanding, the “doctors” are improperly equipped with the knowledge for dealing with these situations.  Many cases are just ignored which I find inexcusable!  These kids are the ones who will carry on our legacy and are our future.  I know there is no possible way to shield anyone from all the evils of this world but something of that nature should never cross paths with a child.  One great potential step mentioned in this article is the need for India to reform their criminal justice system.  Offenders need to be brought to the realization that these acts are intolerable and will have serious repercussions.  Although I don’t like using the tool of fear on the normal public, I believe that if we can get criminals to think twice before going through with their deed, half the battle is won.  Fear can be a powerful coercive instrument but steps must be carefully taken to insure it is used for good.  As of now there are many victims who are scared to come forward because they know that even if they do, they will most likely be ignored.  I think it might be times the victimizers have their fair share of fear.

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