Friday, February 8, 2013

Challenges for Rights After Arab Spring


The Arab Spring is a fight against human rights violations undertaken by numerous countries in the Middle East, including Libya, Egypt, and Syria. These countries have been ruled by dictators and governments that have committed terrible human rights violations. The people have been revolting against these governments and have been trying to set up a democratic government to ensure the freedom and human rights.

The Arab Spring has been all over the news in the past year, and the U.S government has gotten involved in the revolutions. I believe that the people responsible for these horrendous deeds should be held accountable. The people deserve to be able to live in freedom and have basic human rights.

Many of these countries have succeeded in their revolt but with that comes a new challenge. It is very difficult for people who have never led a country before to now have to and it is very difficult to then move forward in the right direction to make sure that everybody has human rights. We discussed this issue in class, where there will be people who were happy under the dictator and are going to fight back against the new inexperienced leaders.

The article talks about how if these new governments aren't firm in their position for human rights and for democracy then these governments will not succeed and human rights violations will continue to occur. It is also a new opportunity for these governments to establish human rights for women.

I agree with the article that these new governments need to very proactive for human rights. However, I also think it is much easier said than done. It is going to be very difficult for these new governments to enforce their new policies. I think that these new countries will need support from western nations until they have the means to rule and enforce their laws.

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