Friday, February 8, 2013

Somalia: Woman Alleged Rape and Journalist Convicted

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Somalia is on the continent Africa and right next to the country Ethiopia. Recently there had been an issue with Somalia after the incident where a woman who alleged rape by a security force and the journalist who wanted an interview with her is held without charge by the Somalia's officials since last month, January. Woman, all over the world, have been treated with unfair judgments and was punished for the things they did not commit. As of today, woman's right has been getting better. Or so the world thought. The issue with this incident is that woman are still not getting the rights they have. This only shows a setback for ending sexual violence. Also for the journalist who wanted an interview, shows the setback for protecting the press freedom. This woman was sentenced for one year for making up the story of her rape and a release order of the woman's husband and the two suspects for lack of evidence. Also the journalist was sentenced to one year for making up the rape story that damaged the state's security, even though he never published anything. 
This shows that the victim will think twice before reporting a crime to a police and journalists interviewing for a story about human rights. How sad that when you are the victim but cannot report because of your country's law. When this came out as news, people demanded a release of the two immediately. The government finally released them but a daily report to the police was mandatory. However, even with this release, there is still the discrimination of woman and their human rights. People have to see through this that there are still unfair judgments told around this world. Especially Somalia has been having the problem with woman and girls who are vulnerable to such abuse. And their question remains "who can help us?" This "law" for woman needs to be revolutionized fast for those woman in Somalia suffering under an unbelievable law. More advertisement and propaganda should be out to let change take over these countries that are in need of change in human rights. We cannot depend on time to change. We need to act now or we will never see the alternating and a peaceful world. 

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