Friday, February 8, 2013

Voter ID Rights

The article I have chosen for the rights blog is related to the right to vote.  Several states are trying to pass laws that you need state ID to vote.  This however is being argued as it is seen as a restriction to the right to vote.  People are trying to not less this pass because this also limits people who are abroad.  This may include people such as active military who are abroad.  This brings about a debate on how much the original bill of rights can be limited.  Some people may argue that this is a good thing to vote on since it makes sure that the people who are voting are going to be affected.  However many other people think that this is the beginning of the restriction on their basic human rights.  I believe that as long as a person has proper ID and they can prove that they reside in the state then there is no need for stricter voting laws.  Some people may not even have a state issued voter ID law (elderly).  Usually they also cost money and therefore some people may not be able to adapt to these changes.  I don't understand why in the article it stated that this is a current aggressive issue.  I haven't heard of issues on this topic recently.  Instead of trying to get people to find new ways of proving their identity,  an electronic version could be used.  If voters registered beforehand then all they would need is to supply any photo ID and then provide a pass code that they are issued when they register.

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