Friday, February 8, 2013

India, Part of a Global Struggle

This article is just one more incident portraying the lack of human rights happening all around the world. Who are we to say that this incident deserves attention over the other victims? These horrific events of child rape happen every day, and in this sea of appalling news, it takes a more horrific case to gain our attention. I feel that this is reality. That statement may sound pessimistic, but I feel, almost like Tarrou in The Plague, that understanding that our world isn't perfect is a step closer to getting to the core of the problem. 
A major problem with human rights is that most people take the easy way out. Life is not easy. Nothing has ever been easy, especially in countries like India, whose culture has been solidified for centuries. This change, or barrier to change, can be summarized by the responses of the nation’s authorities: they not only do not want to believe it, but they do not want to hear it. Even the father of the child raped did not believe his own daughter. It is beyond people not knowing about the issues and more about ignorance to the issues already set on the table.
I feel like our country has put our own kind of barrier: one that was meant for good, but overwhelmingly emphasized how “free” we were that the weaknesses in our own society began to be overlooked. Child abuse in India? Georgia, not long ago, was number one in child trafficking. Horrifying. Sad. And very close. At first, reading this article made me think that India did not have a government run by common sense people, but then I thought about how separated our own government was. It made me realize that these articles are not just one story, but a story for all.

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