Thursday, February 28, 2013

Syria death toll announced by UN human rights officials

This article is about how the Syrian death toll is approximated to be approaching 70,000.  In January it was reported that the count was 60,000 and therefore this shows a dramatic increase in about two months.  The Syrian war started when citizens of Syria demanded more freedom from their government.  The Free Syria Army was formed and although they have suffered casualties, the largest part of the death toll are civilians.  I think this article relates somewhat to Running the Rift.  Although this was a fight between two 'tribes' in Rwanda who wanted power, it was still civilians who mainly got hurt because people were fighting for their freedom.  But this does not have a direct link to genocide however is does connect to human rights.  The government is taking severe measures to suppress its civilians from having the rights they deserve.  This is the idea that America was formed upon. Freedom.  I think this is one of the main reasons that America has been one of the main activists in trying to keep peace in Syria while resolving the issue.  No person should be denied their rights and this is why the UN has a human rights department.  However it seems that only USA is trying to stop the efforts with little aid from other countries.  It brings up a common principle of why we study history, which is to learn from our mistakes.  In the past, countries have turned a blind eye on things like this that happen in countries however now it seems that there is some involvement and some people are trying to stop the suppression of human rights.

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