Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fear On All Sides

The worst kind of fear comes when you realize you have nowhere to turn.  For these Canadian indigenous women and girls, this is what life has become.  I can’t image how it must feel to not only be fearful of murder and abuse from criminals, but to be scared to call the police because they might end up doing the same crimes.  After reading this article, my heart went out to those women mentioned because every day must wear on them.  The weight of knowing that any day could be the day it happens to them cannot make life easy to go through.  It was shocking how much fear the reporters could feel radiating off those they interviewed.  While the “eyes of the world are on Canada”, it seems that more of an effort should be shown on the Canadian government’s behalf.  Every moment they delay rallying an intervention gives the criminals more time to justify and get comfortable with their deeds.  Even the United Nations has come out and criticized Canada for this so it is puzzling to me as to why no serious steps have been taken.  For me, women and children are the ones most important in a society.  They should always feel safe and welcome where ever they happen to be.  Children represent the uncorrupt and pure while women can be vulnerable.

 Of course ordinary citizens like us are bound by the law but does this same bondage apply equally to police officers?  We need to make sure someone is keeping an eye on the cops to make sure they are not abusing their power.  No one will feel safe if the ones who are supposed to be watching over us are not held accountable for their own actions.  I am hoping Canada will respond punctually and effectively!

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