Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rape Victim Fights for Women's Rights in Pakistan

Social injustice, especially against women, still exists in Pakistan. It is a local tradition for women to commit suicide after being raped, but Mukhtar Mai did not. She fought for justice. A wrong accusation of her 12-year-old brother subsequently led to Mai’s gang rape. Initially, the six men responsible for gang raping Mai were sentenced to death. However, Pakistan’s Supreme Court overturned all but one of the convictions and the men were freed. Despite the ruling, Mai continues to fight for women’s rights in Pakistan.
I was astounded to hear how poorly women were treated in Pakistan. I can’t imagine coming to the police after being raped, only to be threatened even more. Mai is a truly beautiful woman for fighting for her cause, despite the efforts to suppress her efforts. I love that she opened a school to help educate young women, basically at her own expense. She believes that lack of education contributes to the poor treatment of women, and I completely agree with her. I feel that education is very invaluable to anyone because education does not discriminate and is important in living life to its fullest. It shows how passionate she is about fighting for women’s rights. I was in disbelief after reading that she was accused for her younger brother’s wrong accusation and how she received the punishment for him. I also love how independent she is. She worked diligently doing low income work to finally buy her own cattle with the money she earned herself.
I believe women’s rights is gaining popularity, but I feel that it still exists, even in America today. Recently, women were just allowed into combat. I find it ironic how women were the “superior gender” during the hunting-and-gathering times because of their ability to give birth, but now males are seen as “more valuable.” Hopefully, one day gender will no longer be a barrier to allow equal rights for all.

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