Friday, February 22, 2013

Chinese Labor Camp Reform

Alright, much of the Chinese government is a mystery to the United States, right? The more I look up about the Chinese government the more confused I get. The article I read goes into detail of a leaked news article detailing statements about how China is moving away from labor camps and plans to provide laws in the near future however, almost immediately after that was heard the website trace was lost and hours later a watered-down With such a large bureaucracy in China, moving away from the old ways and giving humans more rights will be a longer battle than it was in the United States, not to say that it is over. What does this mean for you and I you say? I think that it means that as China ramps up the power of the individual, the more powerful they will become and the U.S. will be taken down a notch and perceived as a second rate superpower. Maybe it will even quell the U.S. to take advances faster to outstep the competition one day keep up. At any rate, rights for more people in more places is a win for the world. In 15-20 years we must remember to be so bold, to invite change and give rights in every direction. The rest of the article goes into how the Chinese law enforcement is heavily impacted by the judiciary government, which sounds a little like the U.S. Police have "detention" of humans rather than prison for rudimentary crimes because there simply is not enough space. At what point should you sacrifice the penalization of crime with capacity limitations?  

Accessed by Wang, Maya. January 15, 2013.

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