Friday, February 8, 2013

Child Abuse in Rio Rancho Middle School


The school is step for children to grow up as an adult. The first step would be the elementary school and the last would be high school. The incident happened where children has yet learned to be grown adult. In Rio Rancho Middle school, one science teacher pushed a young student, called him “a stupid idiot,” and put him in a dark lab classroom. The incident was reported by the school one day after the child and his parent came forward and reported to the school.
I think there are two primary problems. The school is not the place just for students to learn math, science, history, English and etc... Especially in lower schools like middle school where “young children” spend most of their time, students quickly learn from what they see, listen and feels. Base on those young and new experiences, the children create their personality and characters. People say “children are our future.” I believe in this statement. However, children are our future not just because they will learn more mathematical equations and science technology. They are our future because they would have better personality and characters. Therefore, the teachers, and adults should never forcefully and violently act to the kids. Also, just because teachers and adults have bigger head than the children’s, they do not have more human rights. People should look at each child as one human and respect them as same human.
Another problem is within the school. After the parent reported the child abuse by the science teacher to the school, the actual report to the police took one day. The school thought through the case and measures the disadvantage. The school hesitated to call the police thinking about the response that they have to take. I believe this is bigger problem. I think these child abuses in schools like middle and elementary schools happens not many times, but few in a year. However when schools are trying to hide the incidents for their benefits, the child abuse in schools would never be found and never be fixed.

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