Friday, February 8, 2013

Where Human Rights and Engineering meet

Human Rights & Engineering Integration

     In many times, people tend to have only the one-sided view of the object. However, we must know how to accept and find the intersection of what the object really means. The world is made up of intersection of two or more distinct things. From my experience, I happen to muse and critically think about how the human rights can be connected to either the science or engineering somehow. In fact, this connection, for most of us, is not apparently understandable. Sometimes, to both the scientists and social rights movers this particular integration can be ambiguous. This is because people tend to not touch the other areas besides their own specialty and profession. For instance, when you think of the soil and water contaminated in an undeveloped countries, who  really gets the evidence? Who will really stand up and consult local population to replace and do it correctly? There are many of those who neither have the opportunity to learn about these criteria nor bring actions to these real world application problems.
      I believe this turns to us, the scientists and engineers, who should become more responsible for real world outcomes. The ways we can stand up to integrate human rights and science and technology, are very well listed and explained in many websites. Getting involved in these activities and take special roles in integrating science to social rights problems would help create more integrating community and educate the next generation scientists.

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