Thursday, February 28, 2013

How could technology help protecting human rights

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Nowadays, technology has been developed rapidly. With these technological advances come challenges and opportunities with specific meanings for human rights. For example, witness, who are concerned about their privacy and personal safety are all been recorded and tracked. The regional extremists sometimes use the documentation to track them and kill them. However, on the other side, people could also tracked, aggregated, and mapped footage of the crimes in some dangerous areas. Technology works for both sides. We should make science and technology develop under the guidance of sound ethics and bring benefits to human beings. 

In the article, Striffolino, who is currently serving on Amnesty International’s Crisis Prevention and Response Unit, a global human rights organization, points out the importance of technology in investigating and exposing abuses, fighting against the violators, and working to protect people wherever truth, justice and freedom are denied. For instance, they are using the satellite imagery to monitor the armed conflict situations. But, they also encountered tons of problems. Some local governments only give them partial access to the information, and the region’s geography is also hard to trudge through. All these are preventing them to justify the right. 

In spite of the prob;ems that they are facing, they are trying to involve these high technology evidence in the court and brought the criminals to justice. With the technology they have, lack of information could no longer be an excuse of doing nothing. Besides, Amnesty is also trying to get more university students involved in the program. There is too many human rights violation issues happening all around the world. So, there are many opportunities for the students as well.  

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