Friday, February 15, 2013

Israel and Egypt

Israel has always been a source of discussion and debate in the human rights world as they continually address new conflicts concerning religious rights, property and ownership, and a culture of honor and shame that create a volatile environment. In the recent years this conflict has fluctuated from orderly to the appearance of pure chaos. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all deeply rooted here, and it does not surprise me as a follower of Jesus that this area is the source of immense dispute and tension. In fact it is help by many who believe the Christian Bible that the tension in Israel is to erupt in a pivotal time which can be used to mark significant Bible events. It does not surprise me, therefore, that this tension continues today and that so much is being done to thwart what is sure to be a defining moment in history if disputes get too out of hand.

This, however, is at the expense of many human rights which have been recently violated. Several laws, though well intentioned, have had adverse effects on various groups, namely the Palestinians. While it is important that the situation be handled delicately and that there not be an explosion over every violation which could mature into far worse things, it is also important that individuals' rights are respected. It is obvious that no brief blog or article can cure what is most likely the most contested place in the world, but it is pivotal the the people of the United States do not get swept away into the new and popular news and overlook the important events that continue to occur day by day in this fragile and ever-so-important land.

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