Friday, February 15, 2013

Human Trafficking Issue in Pennsylvania

Human Trafficking Issue in Pennsylvania.
The writer, I, believes the basic human right is the right for a person to be respected from and to be treated equally with other people. The current human trafficking issue in Pennsylvania raises public criticism for the state government for not corresponding with its responsibility to protect its citizens. There are no clear and strict laws to prevent the crime and to punish the criminals. Even the accurate statics are difficult to obtain because of a lack of reporting.
Human right in the state has been threatened by lack of the state government’s laws and regulations. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape more than 10000 individuals are trafficked with in the U.S. each year.
In order to protect our neighbors or ourselves against such kind of crime threatening the basic human right, not only the state government but also all the citizens have to be aware of the actual conditions of lack of respect to other people.
All humans have freedom but harming or insulting others is not a freedom. Freedom is under an unspoken agreement of not damaging others’ lives in physically and also in mentally.

Human trafficking is a barbaric and cruel crime that human beings should not commit. Human beings can lie, or sometimes trick others to take benefits of them because all people are naturally greedy. However, such a greediness should not intimidate others to be sacrificed in order to fulfill his or her own happiness.

All human have rights to live in their own ways of pursuing happiness but not in threatening that of others.

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