Friday, February 8, 2013

Human Rights and Walmart.

Article :

Walmart is perhaps one of the most well-know company names in America. Many american families rely solely on Walmart for many of their day-to-day needs, which include food, tools, basic amenities, clothes, sports gears, etc. So I was particularly surprised to learn about all the accusations of human - rights violations that Walmart has faced over the past couple of years.
First off, Walmart being the largest supplier of shrimps to Americans, has been accused of importing shrimp from a company in Thailand called Phatthana Seafood Co., a company that has blatantly disregarded human-right laws. The company recently cut the daily food allowance for its workers ( about 65 cents). The company has inadequate toilet facilities and workers are given insufficient bathroom breaks. Whats more, many migrant workers have found themselves in conditions amounting to debt bondage. This directly violates Walmart's "Standard For Suppliers".Another egregious violation by Walmart is gender discrimination. Almost 2,000 women in 48 states claim that Walmart discriminated against them for pay and promotions.Furthermore, Walmart has been accused of bribing Mexican government officials for supporting its branch south of the border, Walmart de Mexico, with the bribes amounting to millions of dollars. All of this questions whether Walmart lives up to its commitments to ethical practices, especially in its foreign operations.   

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