Friday, February 8, 2013

Human Rights in North Korea by Jinwon Pyo(Brian)

On November 9th of 1989 at 7 P.M., Berlin Wall was knocked down, and East Germany and West Germany finally became one. Now in 2013, there is only one divided country in the world. They are South Korea and North Korea. Korean War occurred on June 25th of 1950, and Korea divided into two.
After the war, North Korea took communism, and South Korea took democracy. After 63 years, these two countries became totally different. South Korea now has 15th biggest economy in the world (The land size of America is 100 times larger than that of S.Korea), but North Korea is not even ranked in top 100.
As the facts about N.Korea in the second paragraph show, North Korea has had so many internal problems in the country. One of the most serious problems of N.Korea is its Human Rights violation.
It is said that about three million North Koreans have died from hunger. It is a shocking fact if you consider about the population of North Korea, which is about 23.5 millions. 1/8 people died because they had nothing to eat. People have to work really hard, and most of their crops are taken away by the government.
Also, torturing in North Korea is very severe and unreasonable. if a person acts against government, he or she will be killed. For example, if a person gets caught while trying to escape North Korea, he or she will be killed right way, and his or her family and relatives will also be killed. One ironic thing about this is that North Korean government already claimed in the past that it won't do unreasonable punishment to its people, but it keeps breaking its promise.
North Korea always tries to be showy to other countries by only showing the richest area in NK. However, it is all flash, no content.
Recently, North Korean government is experimenting nuclear weapons, with which it thinks it can get anything from other countries by threatening. They launched a satellite and made a nuclear weapon by themselves. Yes, it is very impressive of them. However, we need to think about how they get the money to do these costly research. I think North Korean government should spend money for its own people's good. Because of its desire to exploit unnecessary technologies, people die of hunger. It is very very wrong of North Korea in my opinion.
As a Korean, whenever I heard about common North Koreans lives' I feel sad and want to make it right. North Koreans did not do anything wrong. They deserve good lives as S.Koreans. I hope one day we will be united together again.

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