Friday, February 8, 2013

Human Rights in North Korea

North Korea is frequently in the news about its human rights violations, and "crimes against humanity," as stated in this article.  Recently, it was discovered by the U.N. that human rights violations in North Korea are even worse than people originally believed.  It was discovered that North Korea has many prison camps around the country, and they even use food in order to control their people.  In these prison camps, people face "torture, rape and slave labor," affecting more than 200,000 people who are held in these camps.  A human rights leader in the U.N. believes that more severe action needs to be taken against North Korea in order to protect the people of the country from these severe human rights violations.  However, North Korea is already uneasy about the U.S. troops that are stationed in South Korea, and have responded by attempting to advance their nuclear missile program.  This would also increase their violations of human rights, because if they were to attack anybody with nuclear force, they would undoubtedly cause mass amounts of deaths of innocent people.  Finally, North Korea spends an incredibly large portion of its budget on military, when over 60% of their citizens are suffering from starvation. By allowing these people to suffer and possibly die from starvation, Kim Jong Un is committing an incredibly high number of crimes against humanity, even more so than it was originally believed.  Intervention could lead to an increase in human rights in North Korea, but it could also come with some very serious consequences, knowing North Korea's very volatile military attitudes and their high capacity of nuclear weapons.

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