Friday, February 8, 2013

Women's Rights in India

NPR released an article about a gang rape in India that brought to my attention the horrifying lack of women’s rights in the country. In India, social classes are so distinguished that members of the upper class feel that it is their right to be able to rape women of the lower class called the “Untouchables.” It is unbelievable how Indian men use rape as a weapon to exert their dominance over the lower caste. It is actually widespread belief that in order for rape to occur, the woman has to encourage the man or else nothing would occur. Also, after the rape, the woman gets disowned from her society because people frown on the fact she was raped even though it wasn’t her choice. India needs to stop forcing so much blame on their women and start holding their men accountable for their actions, and stop the growing caste division so even the poor are viewed as humans.

The population of women in recent generations is lessening because families are choosing to abort female fetuses. Indian society is worsening in the fact that women are becoming undervalued as people. There are even potential laws going into effect that prohibit women from wearing jeans and using cellphones. Even though these rules seem petty at first, who is to say that India will stop at that. If the government can make these dehumanizing laws now they will just get more horrible unless people act to put a stop to it now. 

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