Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mali Citizens Attacked from Both Sides

  In Northern Mali, Islamic extremists took control and released their wrath upon innocent citizens by unnecessarily killing and abusing them. As the Malian government fights back against their advance, the Malian soldiers see it as an opportunity to take advantage of any citizen suspected of helping the terrorists, anyone with a weapon, or certain ethnic groups. The government military is also responsible for execution of their own citizens based on the same reasons. One area of Mali that is in specific turmoil is Taureg. The citizens are homes are being pillaged by their own government. Now, those living in Timbuktu are forced to live without water, electricity and other essential resources for a modern city, because of the terrorist situation in the country.
      The situation in Mali seems to be unfortunately similar to other countries in Africa. The citizens are at a point where they cannot trust anyone. With people being attacked by both sides, they may be forced to choose a side which will lead to civil war and even more hardship in Mali. I think that UN involvement in Africa needs to be increased drastically. Some may say it is not the job of the UN to be the world police, but there is no reason for innocent people to die because of century old rivalries. Government officials and important people in the world always talk about world peace, but they never put their money where there mouth is. A similar situation occurred in Rwanda. What is the point of having a UN militia, when the UN is against using it? I think that the UN should act as a mediator for countries at risk for civil war, such as Mali. Right now, there is no way the UN could sift through the situation that is occurring in Mali because they will never get the truth, but there is a point where the UN should step in regardless of the gain that they could receive. Currently, the UN is not backing up the Declaration of Human Rights document that forged a lot of the diplomacy in the UN. The UN should reconsider the policy on military involvement.

CNN- Mali's famed Timbuktu without water, other services

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