Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Most Threatened Tribe On Earth

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This is the story of one tribe in Brazil, called the Awá. For centuries, they have been lived peacefully with beloved forest. Until about 50 years ago, the American geologists discovered the rich mineral resources in this region, giving rise to the Great Carajas Project development. And in order to guarantee the program going on smoothly, the Brazil government sent a large group of ranchers and settlers to the forest, contaminating the environment. Moreover, they were also trying to expel and even to kill the Awá hunter-gatherers, since they were nothing but trouble for them. A bunch of Awá hunters were killed by eating ant poison food, and others were shot at their home. The survivors from the massacre, like Karapiru were stilling running away from the killers. 

I believe that the Awá people's rights has been violated, their home has been destroyed and their living hope has been raped. Though they have a totally different lifestyle as normal people, they still deserve the identical treatment just like us. They chose to live a life with their beloved families and their 'pet' animals, without wearing fancy clothes, using high-tech, and living in warm, big house. We should respect their choice, because it's their rights to choose the way the live. We shouldn't use the gap between our lives to hurt them, for example, pointing their heads with guns and taking away their shelters. The Awás has been living in the forest for centuries, they have the right to living in their own houses, feeding their families on their own and protecting themselves from the outsiders. The discovery of new energy sources is important. Improving people's lives is also important. However, it doesn't mean we should sacrifice other people's lives to create our own happiness. They should be recognized and respected.

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