Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Women in India

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News report stations like CNN and other forms of media allow the world to hear about problems and issues that are constantly occurring around the world today. In one particular CNN report, woman and girl discrimination was addressed in India. These women and girls were being abused and acted upon with aggressive behavior. A meeting with principals from both boy and girl schools met and talked about how the issue of gender equality would need to be enforced better. To me, I believe that woman all over the world should have the same rights and should be viewed as equals. I understand that many cultures view this topic differently because of their own values and beliefs, but I do not agree with the fact that woman and girls should be looked upon differently than their men and boy peers. The women in India are being treated aggressively and abusively just because they are woman, and the abusers are said to have learned to perform such actions towards the woman while they were young.  I also understand that a typical man would like to have the so called “manly” job in the family, but I believe a woman could perform the same kind of job that a man does or should have at least the same opportunities to obtain these kinds of jobs. To start implementing this type of mind set in India and all over the world, it has to begin when a child is born and taught that women are equal to men, and therefore these children will grow up believing this and teaching their children the same. Human rights are key issues all over the world today and in particular gender equality. No woman should have to endure violence or abuse just because she is a woman, and I believe the whole world and not just India needs to wake up to the fact that all women, no matter the ethnicity or culture they are a part of should not be mistreated because of the fact that they are of a different gender.

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